Friday, January 29, 2010

When it rains and rains

Mika is just awesome, more than this, baby I hate days like this.

It's Fe-fe-friday :D Tomorrow's Thaipusam so no extra co-curiculum! YESHH But damn it, there's Chem tuition.

I just realise, I hate it when people like a certain band because it's the "it" band. I know, I know, I bet you hate those too. But what I'm trying to say is why can't you just like what you like without being judge. There are some that I do wonder why people could like them, eg: Jobros, Justin Bieber. Not judging. I remembered when all my friends were into screamos and some are still are because well it was the trend to be into those. But if they truly like it, well then good on you, but if they're into them because it's cool, I think it's just like forcing yourself to eat something you detest.

Well, I did try out to different genres, trying to see what my friends see in those bands. But it was a failure; in the end I still listened to the same song I liked a long time ago. Call me boring, out of date, but at least I'm enjoying the songs I'm listening to instead of hearing some random underground bands. Being comfortable with what you like is very important, if you let others rule your interest then when in the world are you going know what you truly like?

I tried to fit in with the crowd, but seriously it just wasn't me. So I like mainstream pop, alternative rock, and I like to sing RnB tunes for fun but it's not in my playlist. It took me quite sometime to figure out what I really like and what I don't, and if you don't agree with my music then you shouldn't be reading my blog. Kidding, all opinions are accepted. And what song is playing in my earphones right now? Kris Allen - Before We Come Undone, I really like the starting of the chorus :D


AQ said...

I agree. Don't like something for the sake of other people. Unless it's healthy for you. Like veggies. haha

rory said...

lol aqil