Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oh Hello

Just updating me bloggeh. Since I have the mood to type. Oh I miss the keyboard <3

Ok onto more serious matter O_O yeah right. So January's ending. HAZAH. I'm not that stressed out anymore because I've settled in but nonetheless still stressed. I'm just so tired :'[ I have to do a performance during recess, I didn't want to. But the teacher is pestering me! So I finally just said yes :( Hmm what else is there in my boring life? Everytime a car pass by with the plate WMG I'll automatically think of W=mg :D nerdy right? And I find myself inserting stuff that I just learn into my family conversation during eating time. My mum would just nod.

I can't wait for this to be over :)

Errr no I ran out of things to say.... *thinks thinks* I still haven't decided on what course I should take. HMPH, so many to choose yet so many rejected. I really don't know what's my calling. I mean everybody has their calling. And I should have one! Dang it I want a bloody calling. All I know is I'm going to something in the art's field, social science? Well you know me, I like to communicate with people. How dare my piano teacher thinks I'm not sociable, I AM! Haha :D I wanted to become a music journalist, I mean I like music and I like writing. What a match right? But here's the downside in that field, THE PAY. I mean I don't need a lot of money but I'm just scared if I don't get a job because most journalist are free-lance. What if I didn't get anything published, no money, no home, the horror. So that's the problem. I want a stable career yet I know all the stable careers does not interest me, eg: accounting ( I hate numbers >:[ )

So I'm still browsing courses, and if you have any idea what I should be, please do tell me. I'll listen. I promise :(

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