Friday, January 15, 2010

I don't care I just have to.

I know I shouldn't have waste my time on the internet but I just need to unwind. Thinking of the homeworks makes my head go loopy. I'm so scared if I go crazy. I use to laugh at how people can go mental when SPM year because I thought that's not possible. How bad is one exam? But now I know why. And seriously you could easily go cuckoo if you're not careful. Tuitions, tuitions, tuitions. I hate my life now. I know you're suppose to seek knowledge for your own good. But if I had it my way I'll learn certain stuff one by one but not all at once! But the reasons why I'm not doing that:

1) In order to receive a scholarship you have to smart. And nowadays there's so many smart people and so that's why I chose science stream so that I could have more choices. But I think I'm not going to do anything science related but then again you never know.

2) I have no money to do what I want.

Hmph, I don't care I just have to. I need to get out. Live life. And experience what the world has to offer. But I do have fear though about being there and having nobody to turn to. But I need to take a gamble and I promise myself that I will do whatever possible to get myself overseas.

sigh, bye.

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