Sunday, January 3, 2010



Well, it rained. After 2 weeks of no rain in Terengganu. But it rained and the wind was breezy. Waves we're rough (ofc I didnt swim, you want me to die?). Ate ate ate. I ate 3types of keropok lekor from different stalls. Ate Satar. Nasi Dagang. Squid stuffed with pulut. Lempeng. Visit my relatives. Oh yeah. Had a longgggggggggggggggg car ride. I'm super tired.

I brought back an ugly shell back because it was the cleanest one on the beach. Might just throw it away. I'm so full. My mother bought a lot of satar and local bread. I learnt that sorok is laci. Cili is called lada. There's another word for taugeh but I can't spell. They don't say termenung, they say termengung. Step by step learning the trenganu slang.

Bluh bye :)

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