Thursday, December 31, 2009

Oh the hatred.

I just realise how much I hate anime, manga or whatever they are called. One is because they all look the bloody SAME. Big eyed cute character with high pitch voice. It's really annoying to see anime. If you like it, good for you and well this is, I stress, my opinion. And I hate it with a passion! Besides that, I don't think they're expression is cute .... ughh I just find them horrible. My brother is a big fan of anime and I have to suffer while he sits there and watch some japanese cartoon bounce basketball or do something. Why am I suddenly attacking my anime? Well Im searching through deviantart and it's like full of anime. I just want nice decent picture to look at instead a whole wave of manga. Sigh. Art is art. Who's to judge it.

"Oh look at me I'm an innocent (actually I'm a slutty whore who barely wears clothing) doe-eyed (which is way to big for my head yet people find it adorable) girl."


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AnnaNicoleMadeline said...

urgh! I hate it too! Omg they use the skimpiest clothes ever! And the shows are so damned stupid, adam and ariff likes it,so ewww. they always,ALWAYS use really tiny clothes and the voice is so damn annoying trying to be cute kinda stuff. 100% agreeing with you here.