Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Is this really happening?

I'm actually typing a post :O Amazing , isn't it? :) Well, I felt I had to because last night before I went to sleep, I was listening to some music. And it just really struck me that I find some songs really BEAUTIFUL, not in a sense of works of Beethoven or Mozart. I mean just plain darn beautiful of course you may beg to differ. But this is my blog, so I'll write whatever I feel like. Don't like it, don't read it :

It was 4 a.m I guess, I just decided to listen to music before I go to sleep. And of course I listened to Muse, big shocker :O So instead of listening from one album to another I just listened to Undisclosed Desires. And there's just something about it, that I'll never get tired of listening to it. I know it's pop-ish and mainstream. But there's something there that is still typical Muse-geekish vibe. I mean who writes lyrics like "I want to exorcist the demons from your past" and gets away with it. Only Muse can. And the chorus is just awesome. If you listen closely to each chorus there's added element to each of them. The strings on it are beautiful, not complicated, just simple pizzacato and yet it made the sound 100 X better. I guess it's really a romantic song, with not so typical I love you forever, you are my sun, you are my air, sort of poetry. Of course it's romantic, it's about Matt and his girlfriend! :D Well if you really think it's still not Muse. Just go watch the Music Video. It's like I Belong to You but much sexier. Though, I really admire Matt's vocal in I Belong to You. Well to sum it up, I just really love the strings in Undisclosed Desires. I find it rather well, BEAUTIFUL.

Well, besides that I listened to Butterflies and Hurricanes, yes it used to be my MSN name and currently my tumblr header. I like the name it's so interesting or maybe I just like Butterflies but it's so childish to just put butterflies :\ Usually some songs have kickass names but the song is just blah. But fear not Butterflies and Hurricanes has a song to match the name. The origins of the title is from the Butterfly Effect metaphor. I shall not go further. What's so special about this song. It's just so motivational. "Best, you've got to be the best!" screams Bellamy. Pay attention to the lyrics. Of course you're not Barack Obama but a little goes a lonnnnggg way. I think the song's trying to tell us to be the best that we can be and use our really precious time. I should really listen to my own advice sometimes, hmph.

Moving on, I did a post about my interpretation of A Rush of A Blood to the Head. Well this is another example of a beautiful song. Lyrics wise, and the simplicity of the song. My heart aches everytime Chris Martin sang "Honey,". The desperation in his voice is truly gut wrenching. It's like I'm watching some soap opera, very dramatic. But it's really a sad song. And early Coldplay had a knack for making the most heartbreaking songs. And again, look at the awesome song title. I'll stop here because I did a full post about this song, so yeah.

Other Coldplay songs I find pretty :) is Life in Technicolor ii. There's sitar! Come on who doesn't like sitar in a western song. Well besides that, I just really like the melody in it. You know the feeling when you listen to a Mika song (applies to only Mika listeners), the warm happy joy feeling you get in your tummy. Well I found that in Life in Technicolor ii. I love when it gets to the chorus, the melody just keeps getting better. "Gravity release me, don't ever hold me down" , so inspirational :') It gives the feeling of hope and optimism. Oh I like the ending of violet hill, where it was only Chris Martin singing and the piano part. The final verse. You know?! Yeah, I really like it.

Well yeah it's only Coldplay and Muse, probably because I've listen to all of their songs. I'm sure there's other songs I find beautiful but you know how good I am of recalling stuff (sarcasm ok).

The moral of the post is, try to sleep early and not until 4 a.m. Or else you'll just start to have random ideas.

There you go, I blogged nonesense. HOORAH!

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