Thursday, December 31, 2009

Darren Shannnnnn

Many people don't know this but I do read Darren Shan D: I don't care it's for kids, I just like it. Especially Cirque du Freak <3 (the first book). It's really AWESOME! Well try to read it I guess.
Yes, so today Alliya and I went to One Utama to watch Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant :O The queue for the tickets was really really long. But none of the movies were selling fast or sold out.

Well here is my point of view when I saw the trailer. Darren, instead of being a nice good boy, turns out to look like a jerk. Mr. Crepsley, the vamp, who I imagine to be quite handsome turned out to look like some drunken old clown. Instead of being British, they're American. There's more but nevermind that.

So it begins, the starting was quite similar to the book, and it looks like Darren was a nice good boy. Somewhere along the line when he joins the Cirque the plotline changed, quite a bit really. So it was quite confusing, people who do read the book my advice is just try to not link it with the book. It was actually funny :D. "College, Work, Kids". Haha. And Gavner Purl is very cool. Some of the parts were actually gruesome(There's so many parts where I cringed). No wonder it's PG 13 :\

I'm really bad at movie reviewing because I don't watch a lot of movies :\ But just go for the sake of watching Darren Shan! Oh Alliya said that the actor who potrayed Darren talks and acts like Ashton Kutcher, and I agree :O He does reminds of Ashton, his face expression and the VOICE!

So JYEAH, watched Darren Shan on the day it premiered in Malaysia :D What a way to end the year :)

Happy New Year guys, girls, peeps, amigos. I'll probably blog more, because I am in my blog mode! I hope next year will be awesome :S One more year :'(

Nagemist 2009!

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