Monday, June 8, 2009

Enough already.

Seriously the showdown between Kris Allen and Adam Lambert is seriously unnecessary. Kris won he should be entitled to the song. It is silly and disrespectful for the winner. Lambert is a talented guy, that could not be doubted and I'm 100% sure that he'll create his own original single. Can't people just wait a couple more weeks or months? I mean it's quite lame to create this showdown. Hello, the season is over, stop trying to create hype out of nothing. Although I am a Kris Allen fan but Lambert's version shouldnt be played. Then why don't Hitz play Archuleta's version of Time Of Your Life? Why wasn't there a showdown? Sigh. Bottomline is to the showdown, I know this is just for fun but the winners version of showdown is going to played and the other would be deleted so what if Adam's version won? And Kris is the owner of the song. Fair is fair.

holiday,yeah right.


AQ said...

I agree completely

Shanya said...

IDIOTIC thats all plain IDIOTIC!!! ahhhhhhhhh!

ayuniG said...

stupid idiots :P

go kris! :P