Friday, June 12, 2009

Schools Going to Start.

Oh dear, it's almost the re-opening of school after a of too short of a break. 2 bloody weeks isn't enough. I need more time to relax thank you. Argh can someone please stop the re-opening of school! It is seriously a bummer that it is denting my mood so badly. Like now, I have no mood to blog but I blog because I want to share with my blog how miserable I am. Matt's bday was a week ago, oh matty, how I adore ye? Although you're 31 I still think you're a hottie. See it rhymes well most part. But hotness comes second to his talent but his talent is what makes him hot. Bottomline Matt+Talent=Hot.

I want to watch Ar-ray Pot-Er so badly. I don't know why. Had the urge. And I want a rory. But nevermind that. Wouldn't it be cool if we could see into the future? Ok too out of topic. I guess I'm bored-di-dum-da. Ohman it's ten already. Oh how time seem to flies. Pssh I'm gonna read Dancing in my nuddy pants.


A. K. said...

That sounds shitty. But look at the bright sight, you at least get two week holiday. I can't even imagine taking two week off from work, unless i want to be fired.

Schools are fun, try to enjoy it. Am sure you will miss school days when you are like me.

Shanya said...

Woah who doesnt want a rory ;)
p.s. ur rory is so gonna be a Bellamy! i spelled that right kan!

rory said...

yes im still lucky tht im still in school :) and they do have breaks. just cant wait for the two months break. But its sooo far away