Tuesday, June 2, 2009

This is what I do daily.

I go to youtube. I just realised theres a hell loads of people covering Womanizer (e.g AAR, Lily Allen & Franz Ferdinand) I bet there's tonnes more. I think my lips is leaking, I can't drink properly :O I hate cute guys, they have it so easy. If they could sing or play an instrument or both they instantly become youtube hits. Life is unfair.

I'm adding to my list of acts I want to see is the band Franz Ferdinand.

They're just so amazingly cool live. No You Girls is such a cheeky song. It's a nice tune to sing a long during these hot school term break. "No, you girls never know how you make a boy feel,". Don't you just love how they pose at the starting. Usually I would scream cheesy! But I just think Franz Ferdinand are just so fun live. And how the guitarist holds the guitar as if he's trying to promote it Sze Yan style.HAHA. And you gotta love the leather jackets, and polka dot shirts. It has coolness oozing from every corner :)

And now I'm off to listen to Relapse.

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