Friday, June 19, 2009

Thank God It's Friday.

I swear to you this NIE Mag Competition is literally making me bonkers. Why do me and my friends always create unnecessary stress? Well because we're just too smart. Hmm, got back some of my results and it is suck-ish. And I have terrible Ego problem. I need to shut up more often:\ It's hard. It's like asking drug addict to stop taking heroin. Well not as dramatic as that but yes it is close to it.

My dad is starting to like Hey Jude, my new cat(yes it is a beatles' song). I am so behind on updating my music playlist because as you can see I am busy :P haha. But seriously I have been lately. And I am addicted to the internet:O My dad warned me about this. Oh God, can I get more worse?

I wish Muse could come here now and play the most kick-ass concert ever! Yes, I do daydream a lot and I think I'm gonna record it on my laptopoppy. It's like creating short stories and it is relaxing and you won't get bored of it because it's short. Long thick book like stories are a pain to write, trust me. So why not just do short ones? Brilliant! Hardihaha. Oh Sharanya pointed out that if I'm stressed, I'll laugh a lot.


AQ said...

yes. thank god it's Friday...

QM said...

Hahah. Muse. yeah! TGIF(: