Saturday, July 11, 2009


Me and Ayuni who is now 14 and I still haven't got the chance to celebrate her b'day. P/S; I love Matt :D

Arctic Monkeys are going to release their new album Hambug. And I just love their song Crying Lightning. First listen, I didn't like it because it was a bit weird even for me. It's really heavy with the bass and people kept saying its very dark and grown up like. I still think they preserve their Arctic Monkey-ness and seriously this song is bloody addictive. If you like their previous albums than I guess this song will work for you.So you guys would probably be hearing me singing that song in class all by myself. Feel free to join in.

And I'm renewing my love for MJ. I wished I had renewed it because of his comeback and not because his death :( Currently listening to Dirty Di-ana, nahh. Dianaaaaaaa come on! It's just a fun song to irritate people because you'll just keep singing Dirty Diana over and over then you get to the high part where MJ screams COME ON!

And isn't The Script just awesome? Cause when a heartbreaks no it don't breakeven.

Since my cat is fat I made a theme song for him. Using Batman's theme song. Instead of Batman its Fat Cat dududududu. Aren't I justso unbelievably creative. Yes, I know sometimes I wonder too :D

Viva La Resistance! Ciao dawgs.

[Update: Dude Alex what's up with the hair?]


Shanya said...

Hahahah dirty you know who!!!
And SCRIPT is the awesomest i tell u!!!! Remember when i said i loved em cos of we cry u guys made fun of me like usual :P

rory said...

i dont like we cry. i like others bt nt tht :D