Sunday, July 19, 2009

Out sea of darkness.

Yesterday, evening me and my family went to the curve and my dad wanted to park outside of th mall so he was already reversing into the space then a jerk came and took the spot. Then my mum went up to him and told him nicely.
"Excuse me, he's reversing to park."
"Dia tak signal pon." He answered

Then my mum went back in the car, but then she came out again and she yelled "SOMBONG" then entered back. I would use a more colourful language but she being my mother has to show the right example. My dad said let it go. Theres no point on getting angry and do nothing. If you want to hit the car just go do it but if you don't want to then shrug it off. Do or do not there is no try. Tee-hee yoda got game.

We ate at Ikea, meatball as usual. When we headed to the car park our car wasn't there and we circled like a lot of times. But then my bro found it, it was at the second floor. My dad try to click it open but nothing. So we thought it has something to do with the key battery. Then my bro went to buy batts which took a loooooooooong time. After battery changed its still not working. Looks like the car itself kong out. So were like aughhhhh-ing. A chinese fella stop and said "do you need a jumpstart?" Then he helped out. "Tadi tak tutup lampu" he said. And he drove off an we just waved in gratitude. Then I said to my parents"We should have the cable so we can help other people too. After what happen to us." LOL

So moral of the story is no matter how many evil people there are in this world. There are still good people.

OOH after we left the parking we got in a gridlock jam. Which made me cuckoo and I made a wedding dress out of tissue paper and a hairband in the car.

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