Saturday, May 2, 2009

Lat's Wondow Through The World and Chaplin's Modern Times

Why am I blogging about Lat the Kampung Boy? Well just read. So basic knowledge of Lat, he's a cartoon which I shall paste his picture at the bottom, he's a malay boy, a malay kampung boy to be exact, for those who don't know what kampung is, village. Oui?

Shall we move on, it seems Kampung boy has its on spot in the Philharmonic Orchestra which is situated in KLCC. The title stated as my blog title, and Charlie Chaplin was in the programme too. This is my first time going to witness an orchestra so I was pretty excited, remember my past blog post? ofc you don't, well I stated I wanted to join the orchestra. When I entered the auditorioum, is that wht you called it? I had the upper circle seat? Can't remember. I saw the orchestra warming up, instantly my grin was from ear to ear.

I tried to search for any hot musicians there, but sadly they were old, fat or both. But there were some hot teens attending :D Nonetheless it was undoubtly cool just to watch them warm up, then when the lights dimmed, they did the final tuning, and then the conductor came out and applause came in. The most front to the left stood up and shook the conductors hand and then took his/her seat. Tee-hee the conductor looked like a mad scientist, sporting a tux and awesome sportshoes, yes sportshoes which stood out from his formal attire.

Then it started, the acoustic of the place was good, you could hear everything clearly, it was as though you were in a cinema witnessing a movie. Lat was ok, it was like an experiment of joining Lat and the orchestra. After Lat was finish, applause were long, like super long and then the creator of Lat went on the stage and shook hands with the conductor. Then we had a 20 minute break. I didn't buy anything, judging by my experience it isn't bloody cheap.

Then we resume to orchestra show, the formality was just like the beginning then Charlie Chaplin went on. I have never witnessed a Charlie Chaplin show before, so now I could proudly say, Hey I've watched Charlie Chaplin before....with live orchestra ;) hahahaa joking. But I was sleepy, so I couldn't really focus on it too much. But I manage to watch it full. Quite funny, not HAHA like you're going to die laughs, more like haha tht's funny.

I couldn't really watch the orchestra play, so the next time I go, I wanna watch the orchestra and look at all their glorious techniques and what not. Yes yes nerdy, but what can I say, I actually love to see people play boring classical stuff. And student rates is 15 ringgit, so its really cheap, I suggest all students should go and watch.

LAT! The Kampung Boy.

so buhbyee ppl.

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QM said...

we have to go!!! we MUST and NEED to go. Let's perform there someday and cry with joy - with our rorys throwing roses for us;P