Monday, May 4, 2009

Rat Invasion.

I feel like blogging but I have limited amount of time,sigh. So I couldn't really exagerrate with my dramatic writing :D

Background of story, my house has been invaded by a certain rat. It's been there for awhile, I had three sightings of it, my bro actually stepped on it, oh poor rat. I don't usually get scared of animal, so I though I wouldn't get scared of a rat as I am scared of insects, turns out I'm wrong. When the first sighting occur, I jump out on the sofa and screamed. The rat stared and then scurried away.

Oh that reminds me of yesterday incident with the spider, there was a spider in the backseat and suddenly appeared from the ceiling of the car. I was with my guitar bag so it took up a lot of space, then when I turn and saw the spider I shouted AHH, then my mum was like WHAT? WHAT? Then I said there's a spider in the backseat! Then she replied Lah, ibu ingat apelah.

But the spider was getting nearer to me so I screamed again like a madman and my parents just laugh : Then my mom told me to swap it so I grab my guitar and push it. Luckily we've reached home, I quickly open the door and ran to the front door :) Oh got off-track baha. K connue.

So my bro bought a trap, the none killing one, because oh it's just too cruel to kill it. We set it up and he used peperoni as bait, and night went by and morning came, and voila the rat has been captured!! It was small brown mouse and not a rat because of the round ears, like mickey. I named it Cat, retarded moment. But I've been calling it that. So anyways, I was pretty keen on keeping a mouse but my dad(sigh) wouldn't allow it. We went out and we left Cat with water. Then night came again, my parents and my bro went to tesco and brought Cat along but released it in an open field. I didn't get to share a goodbye with it. But it was pretty cool to see a trap working.

The mouse looked like this except it was just brown.

And this is a Cat, well kitten but isn't it just so adorable :)
Hasta La Vista, suckers :P

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