Sunday, May 31, 2009

Back From The Dead...Again!

Holy mother of pearls, how long have I've been gone? A long long time. I can't believe I miss blogging. Ok there's few Muse News, Muse fifth album title is The Resistance. A bit short and I don't know exactly what's their motive. Maybe their doing a full-on political album. But I really really hope they don't. Muse might headline Glastonbury, (I envy all those people who get to go to all those cool fest) but Yahoo! said it's a surprise headliner, whatever that means.

Tomorrow will be the release of Boys Like Girls new album, so check it out? Not really a big fan but listening to it won't hurt.

Umm, ok what should we blab about? Oh I'm learning Untouched on the acoustic guitar, really fun song to learn if you're not a pro on guitar like moi. It is a pain to learn guitar step by step. At first when I tried to play it, it sounded like junk being shaken in a tin, then it slowly came together. Now u can hear and sing-a-long to it :D yeay.

I'm falling in love with Matt Bellamy again, after awhile of not paying attention to him, I looked up for Muse live videos, and I instantly melt. I don't care what you say, he is HOT to me. Oh I found my perfect guy. *Drum rolls*...... GEORGE CRAIG! He is the burberry model in the beat. He fits the whole package! Alliya said he looks like a better version of Kyle Patrick. But anyway, he has brown hair, blue eyes, skinny,plays guitar in his band and he sings! What more can you want? This hot 19 year old has my name written all over him :) hee.

I'm addicted to Sink in to me by Taking Back Sunday, first time listening didn't dig it. But me, being a fan tried to listen to it again. And now I like it, a lot. Very energatic, good for when the teacher starts yapping about history. Not that it will stop me from sleeping. What the hell am I blabbing? Probably because I have Post Exam Syndrome. Recovering from it slowly, I feel the laziness coming back. Yes sleep,eat and repeat.

Think i'm gonna stop before I really get carried away. Sorry for not having a proper topic because my brain isn't working properly after having been damage in the exams. (die,die,die)
toodles peeps.

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