Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I can't wait for Hari Raya because:

  1. No school!

  2. No school!

  3. I can EAT!

  4. Did I mention NO SCHOOL?

    I am such a lazy blogger, I just do not have any muse (no pun intended) to write a full hardcore post. I miss blogging about the weird wonders of the world. But my thoughts is just too normal I guess. Nothing seem exciting anymore. At least I'm getting a week holiday. Maybe my brain has been working over-time. It needs rest!
    What else, hmm. I'm in a muse mania mode, so probably everything I say would relate to Muse. It isn't my fault that I just happen to Luurrrve them.
    It's a jungle out there, so be safe my non-existing readers.

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