Saturday, September 12, 2009

I couldn't resist :|

I just want to share my opinion of Muse's latest album due to release September 14th and I just had to listen to it ( I tried so hard to resist but no one was like supporting me). You can listen via legal streaming ofc! :P But wooh man starting was Uprising, very pop-ish (argh soon to be used in New Moon I can feel it :() But then Resistance kicked in and it actually was nice! The 30 second preview didn't do justice. And if I have to list my favourite it would probably be mostly all. But none that I feel so-so about. I genuinely like all, some more than others but still! And Exogenesis, the three part symphony :'( beautiful. It wasn't space rock solo dark disco to me well maybe the space rock that I expected. It's just a lovely composition. And I think Matt is ultra sexy in I Belong to You, it's sweet, in a way. Muse way? MK Ultra is tre cool, and so is Unnatural Selection. It's such a good album! Can't wait to get my hands on it :S

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