Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Top 10 Guys.

1. Matthew Bellamy DUH-rockstar
2. Lucas Mascarini DUH-model
3. Kyle Patrick- rockstar
4. Adrian Bosch- model
5 John Ohh(the maine) - musician can't remember his real name
6. Dominic Howard DUH- rockstar
7. William Buckett(the academy is)-musician
8. Alex Gaskarth (all time low)-musician
9. Gabe (cobra starship)-musician
10.Frank Lampard :P-footballer

Pheww and I don't think its my real list. Because I'm like spontaneously writing it.


Shanya said...

I ony know 4 je! hahahha trust lina to choose guys other girls have never heard of! :D

lalloya said...

okay, idk d unknown rockstars but other than dat hot list lina.
yeah william beckett!

mysarah said...

GABE!!!!!! :P

idzy said...

oi ko luper letak nama aku dekat no 1


aqil said...

I've only heard of the first and last one... I think it's nice you pick these ppl based on YOUR opinion. not because everyone else thinks they're cool or hot or wtv. But I don't really know any so if I'm wrong abt any being infamous, a thousand apologies.

gonçalo jordão said...

oh sweetie, those aren't 'guys', they're just puppies... you know, fortunately, real life is about a lot more 'flesh' than that... you seem a nice girl, don't be fooled by these puppies who can't even bite...

rory said...

well this is last year post. I found new guys.