Monday, January 5, 2009

First Day of Form 4.

Woke up at 6, and went to school. Meet with them. Chatted and laughed. Assembly sucks. Went to class. Stayed there. Okay. Retards. I'm gonna blab normal now.

The teacher said we should just stay in the class with our old classmate til Wednesday. But suddenly she announced the ones whose going to be in that class. In my group of friends Sharan, Me and Alliya. Athirah, Sze Yan and QM got LK. But QM mum wants her in pure science so I don't know.

So Pn. Zaini was the one who actually thought something first, so it was the first lesson of the entire year. She thought Maths, I can vaguely understand what shes trying to explain. Then Bio, I honestly think Bio is one of the subject I could fall asleep while the teacher is explaining. Pray that it won't happen. Add Maths, OMG aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh! I understood some of it, but I doubt if I could do it by myself. Help me God.

I'm in 4 beta well for now, there's few Lamda's but I think the Alpha dominated. But at least I still have my friends, well half. I feel so dumb in that class. Everyone seems to get the lesson too fast, but I guess I can adapt, hopefully.

I feel so (thinks, can't find a word) Wtv. Well it's a change and change is suppose to be good. So I'm not going to be sad or too happy. I'm gonna be me.

Smash a plate.


aqil said...

Really? U feel Alpha is majority? Funny. I feel that its Lambda that's the majority...

QM said...

LOL, well, i hope form 4 wont damage my brain!