Thursday, January 29, 2009

Haha Gaybian Alert.

My friends ask me to post about my top 5 girl crushes. You probably think ohmygodwhataweirdo. Well I am so who the hell cares :) This is only my opinion, so you think other girls are prettier well that your choice then.

5. Kate Bock - model

4. Jeisa Chiminazzo - Model

3. Taylor Swift

2. Hayley Williams :)

1. Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge. She look stunning.

I'm so not a lesbian. But I admire their beauty :D


QM said...

arent we all attracted to anyone beautiful?

hahaha, yeah! we r nt Lesbians! jst admiring ths ladies

lalloya said...

haha. u put pics as if ur so in love wit them. haha
taylor is so prettyyy

mysarah said...

ohh i have to agree with the last one

keero! said...

go taylor!

idzy said...

ko lupa letak katy perry

keero! said...

go gaybian community!
well i dun wanna be the leader
ask sharan to be.
she have the look

Shanya said...

they are all pretty hahhah next time we will have to add sze yan's sis kat dlm! WTF khairul... you're the one who wanted to be the leader kan we are just being good protoges kan lina?! hahahha