Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My favourite colour.

When people ask me, whats my favourite colour, I'll answer to each one differently.Blue, White, Yellow no! Orange! Black and so on.

The truth is, I have none, hurmm. Although the closest would be purple but I just adore it. Is it that weird to not have a favourite colour? I also don't have a favourite drink, food and you get what I mean. I have certain that I like but it's not my favourite.

I guess I change my mind a lot. Inconsistence, Indecisive and Indefinate. That's moi. I am one troubled child :D

I don't know why the hell am blogging about this but anyhooser, I used to think this was my favourite colour. Have you ever a cut a half ripe plum? And look at its colour, from the pit it's like an orangey yellow coming out to a red blood purple. It's beautiful :) to me. It reminds me of a purple sunset.

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mysarah said...

oh my god me too. geez.