Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tell me whyyyyyyyyyy?!

Dang la you David Archuleta. Make me high over the song 'Too Little Not Over You'. Tell me whyyyyyyyy! Haha. Got addicted when my old neighbourhood friends came over. What a crazy day. So we went to the Birai Park and on the way back to my house me and Ayuni started to sing that song. And Mai and Alia were like 'they are not my friends'. Sang full with emotion hahaha.

Then Alia prank call her crush, and after the call that song came on. Then all of us laugh hysterically because the aptly timing of the song. Then she said that he had a sexy voice haha so she called him again. Alia, Alia you are a very funny girl.

Tell me whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? You're so hard to forget, dont remind meeeeeeeeeeeee! I'm not over it. Tell me whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? I just can't seem to face the truuuuuuuth. I'm just too little too not over yoooouuuuuuuuu!

Especially for ayuni :D

If a normal guy would sing this, it would look so gay. But Archie can pull it off. Why? because he CAN! bahahaha. The more you sing this song, the more addicted you get. Like Love Story but that's an awesome song. But I really need to stop singing song outloud because it got me addicted to tracks like Cookie Jar by Gym Class Heroes. What started out as a innocent joke trying to rap became an addiction:O grr I need more ROCK. Dang it. Let me be pop'ish this one time. Haha Sharanya would go like ' look who's sing archuleta.' Sorry for bashing about him :D Can't help it!


mysarah said...

OMG i think we took the same drug. haha! dang it.

Shanya said...

Me going Crazy ofc not! MOre like a definate YES!!!! BTW david A is myne! And myne only when u guys said he was gay he was not as good as david cook i said he WAS! So fyi David A is mine u simpan David C yg tua tu. :P

QM said...

he turns me on!

sigh, i wish he won!

Allia :) said...

i agree with QM!Hey it was hard okay,the song,him, the call.Like whatthefuck.David hott gila with the boxers :)oh u spelled my name wrong bitch! :P haha.

rory said...

hahaha its missing an L deal with it :D