Sunday, January 4, 2009

Career Choices. I'm not even sixteen yet :(

Oh happy new year and all. Haven't blogged for awhile. I doubt you miss me. Today my topic will be about what I want as a job. Let's start shall we.

I've always wanted to be an architect, because I like drawing, my maths and science isn't horrible. I want to create a house that is so Awesome that when you look at it you'll be like holy-mother-of-cow, that crib is BANGIN' Haha. And maybe create a super eco friendly house without burning a hole in your pocket. That'll be sweet~Downside, theres too many people who wants to be an architect and the fight to survive rate is high.

He looks happy. Will I be?

Next ambition, painter. This is one of the jobs which isn't a job is more of leisure. I always wanted to paint by the canals in Venice and then move to another side of the world. Painting everything that inspires me. But one thing about this, it's hard to be a stable artist. Will I dare to risk money or a stable future to persue this?Maybe I could be a digital artist, doing ads and all that. Another suggestion for a career. But I'll be trap in the building all day and night. I can't do that. Well I can but I don't wanna waste my time being a prisoner.

Psychologist. After thinking for awhile about it. Psychologist is interesting, because you get to learn about humans and the way they think.Brains are interesting. And theres so many discoveries yet to be found, I bet this job would keep me occupied. The bad thing, your gonna spend a lot of time with psychos, and possibly loose your sanity? And what if one of your patient harmed you. Thats scary.

Join an Orchestra. This is one of the longest ambition I've ever had, well plus architect. Travel the world and play music. That seem easy and fun enough. I mean, I can never get bored with music. And being other people who share the same passion, that'll be so coool. Eventhough I've been studying music my whole life but I'm not that good or outstanding, so my chances are like none. So let's pray suddenly my fingers are super talented. Another Alternative become a music teacher. Do your own music business, yeah. That has some good money in it. But I doubt I have patience, but let see if as I grow more mature, I'll become patient.

Journalist. This is the most recent addition. I like writing, and if I do get a job as a journalist I probably polish up my English and write a tad bit more formal without losing the PEZAZZ. But journalist have to be current and up to date, and have to be careful on what I publish or else get freakin arrested by the goverment. And I want to address issues that is in much need of exposure more. Haha my column is so gonna be WEIRD. I bet people would go "this girl is seriously in need of counseling." Aren't we all in need of counseling?

So confuuuuusssseeeeed when you're lost in da groove.


Shanya said...

Gawd why in the HELL is it so frigging hard to choose a frigging Career

mysarah said...

nice. :D Just keep searching babe. theres more in this world. and mine would probably to be a pilot :D seriously i wanna fly.