Tuesday, December 30, 2008

More to come.

I got 7 A's, B for Agama. I guess it upsets me because I didn't get straight A's but I'm accepting it. My dad said to me "Now you know the feeling of disappointment. So study harder." He said that 7 A's is ok to him.

Quote from my dad:"If you have 8 A's you get the bragging rights, if you get 7 its like the 8 without the bragging rights."

So if you just took your PMR results and didn't get straight A's well this is a list for YOU!:
  1. People won't expect much of you. So you wont have the weight of the world on your shoulder. Less pressure and more relax.
  2. It's not the END OF THE WORLD. Its PMR dude, chill. You still have SPM.
  3. Take it as a motivation to do better.
  4. It is human to have a slip up. It's better to slip up now then later.
  5. Learn from you mistake. Seriously, don't fret about PMR. Think ahead not back.
  6. Last but not least, if you do well in the future exam eventhough your PMR result sucks, people would be shock and suprise. So you go to them and say IN YOUR FACE LUZAH! hahah joking :D

Have a ice cream, go dancing. You should celebrate no matter what.


QM said...

so true((:

"2+2=15. Don't let this stand in your way. Eventually you would stand out in the crowd even after times of failure" - Idris (my grandpa)


all d best for nxt year!

ayuniG said...

Yah ! i wanna get 9 a's ah nnti

mysarah said...

haha. yo go girlfriend!

Shanya said...

In ur face LOOzah!!!
hahahha i cant just imagyne us saying dat to ppl DAMN funny!!!