Friday, December 19, 2008

Perfect Boys with their Perfect Lies.

He looks aneroxic. Body image issue, do guys have that problem? Maybe I'll write about that next post.

They say that 'All the good guys are either taken or gay' well I seriously do believe it now. Haha. I was in Subang Parade and saw two hot guys but sadly they were more interested in Skin Products. Sigh. I have nothing against Metros or Gay. But what to do? Right. I want a hot guy. I know, I know. Tgk ah diri sendiri dulu. I may not be pretty or beautiful but I still want a hot guy. Haha. OK merepek ah. Oh yeah, I've started to paint again. And I'm finish, I think. Well I want my Mom's opinion first. Then I shall sign it HAHA. Muy Famosa. And FRAME. My first complete canvas painting. It took me like 4 days I think. Will post the pics when I'm done.

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