Monday, December 22, 2008

One day in Singapore ( well not exactly a 24 hours)

Personally, I don't think Singapore is a good place for shopping.One, it's not cheaper unless you are looking for IT stuff. Two, it's quite crowded and you can't chew bloody gum there.

Me n my family arrived at 11 a.m and started at the Far East Plaza, I thought it was going to be cheaper clothes. Heck no. So then the Tangs & Co. And we went to Bras Basah to buy guitar picks. And it's cheaper than in Malaysia. After that the IT place I can't remember the name but it was like Sungei Wei type of place.

After waliking for more than 4 hours, we went to TCC the coffee connaiseur or as I would like to say coffee kene sewer. Lame joke. Ok why? It sucked. It tasted horrible, I didn't even finish my bloody $8 coffee. Stick to Starbucks, people. So eventhough we hated the coffee but we just sat in the chair because our soles we killing. Macam bengkak.

Anyhooser, the were some perks. Such as, the mat saleh hotties. I found three that I like :)
The first one, he was like the obedient type-nerdy but hot looking. He had unbelievably rosy fair skin with dark brown hair. I saw at the Ducky tour Singapore or was it a Hippo? who cares he's hot and nerdy. Dressed in a nice dark coloured shirt with neat comb hair without the gel. The second was a spiky haired teen with nice big hazel eyes. Not like bug eyes, it was nice, with his straight nose and pink thin lips. I passed right beside him on the pavement and locked eyes. HAHA. The third was when I got out from the cab and this really hot brunnette who looks like max theriot around the eyes. Wearing dark green hoodie and three quarter pants. And normal person would avoid collision but being me I straight away bump into him. But it was fast and not severe so no SORRYS. The last one is this really blonde guy, he s the only one who I havent locked eyes with. I saw him while at the zebra crossing, it looked as if he glowed among other people. He had the nice floppy hair. Wait that's four guys, haha. My bad.

So after eating at Zam Zam the kedai mamak, makan murtabak daging. We went and walk and look at shops again and concluded that Singapore shopping is too expensive and better Malaysia. Around 8 we headed back home. That was my holiday for the two months I've been stuck in my house. Oh yeah, if you're looking to buy vinyls and DVD's that are not available in Malaysia, then Singapore would be your destination. Bought Panic's DVD Live in Chicago. Because the other bands live DVD, I've already seen.

Wow BYE!


C's said...

Damn. Lets go 2 spore for d hotties!

i like d hazel eyes & brunette hair...sigh

Shanya said...

oh god rory u shud have campa them in a bag and bring them back!!! hahahaah!!!
im drunk so 4give me :D jk

athirah said...

urgh i wanna go to spore too
hurmm for the DVDs! grr

ayuniG said...

yes singapore mmg cheap for the IT stuff
my cousin bought 2 laptops there!

btw nice header lol

Allia :) said...

UNBLOODY Fair!you bought PATD's DVD that i've been trying to find in malaysia! Grr....