Tuesday, December 9, 2008

You Busta In Da Hizzy

Haha please ignore my stupid title. But it's getting more stupid after this. Me and my friend Yuni, were chatting we got bored and started to 'rap' hahaha for Matt and Steven Gerrard. It doesnt make sense but hahah we just made on the spot, again.

yo check 1
stevie and matt thts wat we want
yea their too hot
smokin in the streets
with their coolness
and their packs
and guitar heroes by the side
makin the earth a much better place
with girls like us theyre great

:D premiering on our album the life and tales of straight up hustler from Shah Alam.

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aqil said...

Yeah, Bella was a wreck but it's interesting to see her take so many risks all of a sudden. Then there's Jacob... and Jacob's VW Rabbit is actually a VW Golf. That's the old name...