Monday, December 8, 2008

So near yet so far.


Oh dear dream,
Why must you shy away from me?
Everytime I breathe in the scent of success,
You immediately disappear without a trace after that,
Just when I thought I had you in my hand,
You escape within my grasp without warning,
Now I do realise that your precious presence is priceless,
Oh when will you visit me again,
Maybe tomorrow,
Maybe never no more,

I am frustrated, why? Because everytime the thingI want is so near but yet so far away. Its a very stressful situation you know.

Blabla blabla please ignore my unsuccessful poem which I wrote spontaneously.



aqil said...

nice poem, considering that it was spontaneous. It's pretty good.

MysCullen said...

that's so emo.

Shanya said...

emo=lina hahha cool poem ;)

athirah said...

lina emo wooo