Sunday, December 28, 2008

Nothing but a Dream.

So today I dreamt of the guy who was in my previous post (Nick), the one who plays guitar and Kyle Patrick! I'm writing out my dream here because I don't want to forget it. This is a little reminder I guess.

It starts out me in the car with Kyle and a girl who seems like a tv host and Allia. Sorry Mai and Ayuni. So we were at the parking lot, and I was talking to Kyle and then I saw Nick like outside the parking lot. I started to scream like AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH to Nick leaving Kyle confused. Haha. Then Nick stop and saw me screaming and jumping like a maniac and he imitated too. Very stupid. Then I can't remember, but I return to Kyle and said "Hey did you know that you look like Nick except your hair is brown and he's red." then he replied "Owh really?" sounded dissapointed to be compared with Nick.

Then we were in the car Me and Allia in the back seat and the tv girl drove while Nick was sitting on top of Kyle. Weird and Creepy. So they started to talk and somewhere Nick started to speak Gangsta like shizzle and all that. Me and Allia started to laugh like hell in the back seat and covered our mouth so that no sound would come out. We laughed till it felt as though our stomach burst. Then suddenly, there was only the tv girl, Allia and me. The tv girl said Nick and Kyle already went because of shows :( Then I woke up. Sigh.

It's a dream, am I as weird as my dreams?


ayuniG said...

why no me?! haha

mysarah said...

Thank god i wasnt there. lol. :D yes ina u are wierd as your dream. and i never laugh in my dream. You are one wierd gal.

QM said...


so funny! ;D