Friday, December 26, 2008

The Best of the Best.

You know how much I like to blog about guys right, muahaha. Since I'm like bloody bored and all I though of posting about my favourite parts of my guys haha. Those who are not interested my press the X button.

The best eyes goes to*drum roll*

Matt Bellamy!

Por Que? Well his dreamy blue eyes is just awesome. It's one the reason I have a massive crush on him. It's like you can stare at his brilliant blue eyes forever. I know I could, sigh. It's so soulful.

The best nose goes to*suspense*
Lucas Mascarini!

Lucas who? The male model from Brasil. I mean his so adorable! And his nose is like the button but sharp and not big and straight. Man his nose is awesome, like his drunken eyes and girly lips, but it looks good on him.

The best smile goes to*intense music*

Kyle Patrick!

The dimples, the pearly whites. How can you not smile when you see him smiling? It's like his glowing. Gah! His angelic face with his smile*drops to the floor*
Yeay! hahaha! finally done.


QM said...

no doubt.
all our rorys r perfect frm head to toe(;

omg. kyle patrick's smile is so hot!

mysarah said...

why dont u put the hidung kembang dude?

ayuniG said...

lol mai