Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dirty Jobs & Click Five

Haha, watching it now. Microanalytics. OK I'm blabbing.

OOOOh I've just noticed, I haven't really talk about Kyle Patrick. HOHO. I shall babble bout him then. Ngee~~ Kyle Patrick wow are you so friggin skinny and tall. I thought you were a walking stick insect disguised as human. I always thought you were lame since Eric left but I never like that Eric dude. He's a bit of how do u say Gay. Not that I have anything against the gays but I don't like him...... ahhh I know why. Because all the girls are going Gaga over him. When Jenny came along, I never really liked that song. But when I saw you live, everything changed.HAHA. You've become hot to me with you gibson in hand and your presence on stage woooh! I have fallen for you. Even Jenny became the loudest song I sang along in the arena. My throat was sore after the show. I went and eat at a Kopitiam ordering ice cream with coffee. And I sms'ed Mai my friend about that night. When I went crazy for Click Five.Man I need to control myself. Sigh. But anyways, I really like his voice maybe his not that good live as Matt but still, if they ever come to here again. I will definately go.

The End.

Btw My Myspace is GAY. From: Mrs. Bellamy-Patrick.

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C's said...

yeap u wrote it loud & clear,
not as crazy as muse