Sunday, December 28, 2008


I'm curious to know why the hell guys are so interested in Vehicles such as Bikes and Cars. I don't get it. My eldest bro is really into cars and bikes. He keeps buying magazine and going into forums about this kind of stuff. The best part he's in a biker club where all the guys are like my fathers age!

When I see guys talk about cars and how they explain it, its like they're saying it as if it was the most important thing to know in this world. And especially when he talks about buying all these parts and what he wants to do with the bike, and bla bla bla. It's his interest I get that but how? What makes it so exciting?

When I look at a car, if it's pretty, cool. Nice engine, great! But I dont really know if you tell me oh it has blabla horse powers and good blablabla. It's amazing to see how interested a guy can be in a car, it's like their witnessing something so divine. Again their interest, who am I to judge. But I'm curious to why, that's all.

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QM said...

i knww!
i mean i like cars but i dnt study them like sum human's body stuff