Monday, December 8, 2008


Today is the eve of AidilAdha. My mom actually made ketupat and rendang and kuah kacang. And we had a few bites here and there. My aunt came to visit and she bought 3 sheperd's pie & 3 lamb pie form Secret Recipe which tasted Ugh. Even she said it sucked. But anyhooser we still ate it and my mom made gravy for the pie and salad and coleslaw. It was a lot of greens I tell you. I ate more salad than the pie itself. Btw, I'm really pathetic in the kitchen. My mom asked me to shred the carrot and I did. Then she got worried because I was doing it really fast and she thought I could actually cut my fingers. Which I nearly did. So she asked the maid to do it. So I was left to cut the Capsicum and Cucumber and Tomatoes and so on.

After dinner, we went to The Gardens and watched Bolt. I loved Rhino. Rhino is awesome. He is beyond awesome. He is Beawesome. Haha. But it's like a typical disney movie. Starts out normal then the problem. After awhile the character adapt, then come the sad part. And last but not least the Happy Ending. But I guess Disney can't really make a sad ending. Parents would complain and children would cry. But life isn't always Rainbows & Butterflies. People would learn it sooner or later. At least Disney movie gives people hope for a happy ending of their own.


aqil said...

you're right. it does scream Twilight. Umm... the rest of the plot I've been able to manage independently (I hope). It's just the beginning. Other than that I think I can manage. Umm... try to stop comparing it w/ Twilight and maybe (hopefully) you'll see in a different light. Please don't take this the wrong way, I mean it as just a suggestion.

C's said...

the hamster is soooo cute!