Saturday, December 13, 2008

My Hair

Dear Blog,
Today I went to the salon and got my hair PERM. It took around 3 hours to do my hair. It smells awful right now because of the chemicals. And the upper part of my started to get straight back. I wonder if this perm last. No, I don't look cute like Taylor Swift or Naomi from 90210. I feel as though I am part of the Alley Cats. And I hope I don't look like and Indon maid which I think I do. But with that aside, I do like it. It's rather fun when you Swish it around. And my hair is now really puffy, HAHA. Plus, I'm always curious to how I would look like curly hair. So now I have my answer. I'm getting used to of seeing me with curly hair. Hopefully it'll get better and more natural looking.

Yours truly,
David Arumugam lookalike.


Shanya said...

hahha hey dont make fun of my brother kay :)

i used to have david arumugams hairstyle masa standard 6 and it was oi' natural

rory said...

hahah I love his hair on him. But not on me.

MysCullen said...

but you said you look like nick jonas.

FaezAsyraf said...

letak gambar! I want to see:D