Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fulham Vs. Chelsea

Half time: 1-0
Full time: 2-2

I'm just going to go straight to the point. What the heck happen to you Chelsea? I think Chelsea players need to go to Anger Management. Why can't they just let it go? Testosterone too strong?

Fulham had the lead in the first half. Fine, accepting that. Then Lampard made a beautiful draw. Wohoo but I want 3 points not bloody 1. Then suppose to be winning goal for Chelsea, of course I jump like hell screaming out. But NOOOOOO! Chelsea seem to forgot how to defend or something because Fulham scored at dying moments. Sigh.

I honestly think Chelsea players aren't at their best. Most of them kept losing passes and shooting off-target. They need to hear High School Musical Keep Your Head In the Game. I felt so frustrated because I didn't see a true Chelsea player playing wholeheartedly. But the only person I could see really would put all they could have for the club is Terry and Lampard. My opinion okay. Terry red card of course, again has a bit of a temper. Thank God, Lampard controlled his rage. Did I mention Bosingwa and Drogba got YELLOW. Temper, temper. But I think Chelsea did deserve to win the match but football isn't about who deserve to win or else it'll be boring. It's about luck and sweat.

And you know what? I actually like Scolari, he looked really pissed when the game ended. I would have smack all the players by now. Sometimes people think it's the manager fault but I seriously think it's the Football Players with their Fat Ass Cheques. Chelsea Shape Up or Shape OUT! I'm still with you, that's what fans are for. But you're gonna loose a lot more if you don't win.

Sigh I'm supporting Wigan.


Shanya said...

YES they need to control their anger AND i have a problem with all of them cos THEY effected MY contest!!!!!
ony lampard helped but thats not enuff with the stupid red card!!!
*****lets hope my man u dont mess up my contest*****

ayuniG said...

thanked god i didnt have any chels players on my fantasy football haha

Faez said...

memamg patut draw!
so that liverpool can win this season Xd