Friday, January 23, 2009

This is why we need bodyguard.

Today was road run day! Wohoo.My body is badly aching. I manage not to get last :) Achievement. Anybloodyhooser. We had Physics tuiton after school, so we stayed back at Sharanya's house. Then theres this incident that happen along the way.

So me, QM, Alliya and Sharanya were walking back dududu minding our own business. The there's these two boys playing around with the red and white plastic thingy. Then they let the thing go, and it hit QM. They turn behind and QM was pissed and she flip em the bird. When we passed them, the boy turn and said

Asshole boy: Fuck you!

QM: Fuck you too! *while flipping the bird*

Asshole boy:Your ass so high ( I didn't hear clearly, but there was ass)

Me : That doesn't even make sense.

Sharanya: Can't even speak english!*can't remember*

Alliya: Can't speak english, don't try to speak la * I don't know, can't remember also*

Stupid boy, I think he was only form 2. So yeah we need bodyguards :D just incase we insult wrong people ya know. Ironically, me and sharan were discussing on how we don't need gangsta friends because we don't really mess with anybody. But things change right?

**don't mess with QM. She might be fragile looking but her mouth is razor sharp:D Warning mess with one you instantly get 4 others.** BAHAHAHAHA we won't last a single second in a fight.


mysarah said...

apa laa you. tak habis2 bully budak kecik

Shanya said...

Hahhaha we got bodyguards or at least hopeful ppl who we wish shall become our bodyguards?! Tottaly agreed hahahah coincidence much ironic much?

athirah said...

haha qm memang..

QM said...

hahaha!! that boy was an arsehole!

man, i lost count how many times I gave him that finger. LOL.

fuck you so high...hahahaahah!! thats nt even english! hahahahaa

we r d FEMALE GANGSTERS. yeah ppl, better watch out!

idzy said...

haha lawak..

omg mafia?

keero! said...

cool gler korang!
Da' Female Gangster.
QM i'm so not gonna mess with u after this.

QM said...

ughh, u guys better not!
n d males, hey, there's a new bitch in town