Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Fray

Their new self-titled album will be release 3rd of February. The song 'You Found Me' I like the begining not sure about the chorus abit depressing but it's easy listening. And recently the posted Syndicate which has a nice piano intro. Frankly, the Fray's songs are quite the same all around. Will it fray away? ok Lame-o joke. I think The Fray writes the type of songs that could ease your mind from stress. With their nice melody and no hard rock guitar solos, you feel as if you can doze off, in a good way.

*omg i hear screams. hahah. I thought it was the TV and it turns out it's from The Fray live acoustic set :P ma bad. My heart skipped a lot of beats. I thought I was being haunted.

Continue, The Fray reminds me of Coldplay, Keane and so on. The soft rock type. If you need some stress relief or you need a good snoozing. The Fray are the ones. I like 'She is' simple and soothing. 'Heaven Forbid' again sad, "Heaven Forbids you end up alone, and don't know why." I feel like sighing throughout the whole song.

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