Thursday, April 29, 2010

Long Forgotten

I've realised that my blog has been lacking of MUSE D: I know, shame on me.

They were or are in Mexico, and look at this picture

This is the oh-so-rare tribe call Musect, they prey on monkeys, and don't think the leader is the one with the big stick, because the one blowing smoke is the evil mind behind it all. He works behind the curtains, the two are merely puppets. So now you know how the system in this tribe works.

Sigh don't you just love them? I know I've practically asked this a billion times, and my answer would always be YES! I'm still waiting for my chance to see them live :(

So again if anyone would be a dear and like give me a chance to meet them that would be appreciated :D Pretty please. I beg you!


A. K. said...

THis is truly a very rare tribe..

rory said...

uhuh *nods

QM said...

oh wow, I want their outfits!

rory said...

after spm we dress up!

Ayuni Gerrard :D said...

dom looks cute. haha