Saturday, December 11, 2010

Beauty that never fades.

Since I'm so over SPM, I can finally read books! I mean books besides textbooks. Well my dad bought a secondhand eBook reader awhile ago. Inside it, theres classics like Moby Dick, Dracula, and etc.

It just so happen it has The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, the only novel he published. Before SPM, my friends and I watched the movie Dorian Gray where Ben Barnes acted as Mr. Gray. The movie was uhhh yeah more action than conversation. Though, Ben Barnes was gorgeous in it :) I had a crush on him for awhile after watching Dorian Gray. But the crush was short-lived.

Currently, I'm halfway through the book, and I quite like the book. It presents an interesting view about beauty and morals. How obsessed one can be with looks. Like Lord Henry Wotton said about beauty, it is an intelligence even more greater than any other intelligence because it does not need explanation.

So theres many different angles on morals, about satisfying ones desire. You have Lord Henry who supports hedonism and the painter of the infamous picture Basil, who tried to shelter Dorian from the influence of Lord Henry and failed. And of course there is Dorian Gray,
from an innocent young lad to a hideous soul.

What a coin-hi-dink I'm doing a portrait again! HAHA luckily it's not a self-portrait. Self-portrait is not my thing, I like to paint other people. I'll try to post pictures once I'm finish. I promised that last time hehe sorry. I guess I forgot, the portrait is half finish till this day. Don't ask why.

Oh yeah, my friends and I have officially launched Shark in a Bowl. So check that out too!

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