Friday, December 17, 2010

Task 1 completed.

I have officially registered in a driving school! One small step for man, a giant sigh of relief for me.
My dad said learning how to drive is the main priority. So that's out of the way. I'm going to attend the lecture this Sunday, all by myself~ Don't wanna be, all by myyyseellllf! ANYYYYYMORE! It's only 5 hours :S Hmm yes.

I'm scared. The lady said, girls had a hard time driving, for obvious reasons. I have never driven a manual car before. And in an automatic, I have only driven forward. Never reverse or park. Never mind, theres still a long way to go.

I went to Taylor's Open Day. Yeah there's nothing much though I did there. I bumped into Jason, apparently he registered already! He is going for January intake.

So ladidaa I am growing up. I guess. My head is throbbing. The back of my eyes feel like somebody is assaulting it with a blunt knife :(

Hmm, so I am progressing in my list to do. I have two weeks to complete everything. *sigh* NEED MINIONS! And with the driving stuff, my time will be limited. Looks like I'm back to being busy me. I have never been free. I have always something to do. And I am the champion of procrastination, so that will explain why I am always bored even though I have a thousand and one things to do.

I'm sorry I've been blogging about my boring life. OH DEAR, I have run out of things to talk about. Maybe I'll become more interesting after college.

I hope college wouldn't consume my life. I want a nice balance.

I'm so tired. I'm watching 101 Dalmatians.

Yeah bye. Uhm, I'll talk to you later okay :) HAHA


Sharanya said...

Lol you better not do what the girl in the pic is doing. Sign the no phone zone treaty with oprah :D

rory said...

Lol you've been watching too much oprah man!