Sunday, December 19, 2010


I'm just so pissed.

I really need to channel it into a positive energy.

It shouldn't be so hard to look at the glass half-full side.

I feel like punching someone's face. (then again I always feel like I want to punch someone's face)


Not only do I have PMS, I have angst. Angst.

This sucks. Period ( ha-ha not funny).

I should google how to control my anger.

Mmm yes. That is an idea! *lightbulb* Yeah I know it's a bit too late for the lightbulb.

Oh dang. I'm so depressed. I feel like cutting myself. Loljk. I'm too scared. HAHAH But seriously I am not that stupid.

Maybe I am? Wth I'm so high. Wow I just changed anger into high-ness?

My so called 'diet program' is not working. I've been binge eating :O hehehe. Plus theres always more chocolates in the fridge when you're trying to be healthy :\ That's just how the universe works.

Until I figure how the universe works. Bye.<--- Boring way to end I know. But I've been so uninspired *sigh* I need a muse!

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