Monday, May 31, 2010

Leave Muse ALONE :(

Lol jk, but I wish Twitard would leave them alone :\ Can't believe I liked Twilight, emphasize on the LIKED.

Moving on, well currently Matt is single *ShamWOHOO* :) Well that's how I'm suppose to feel. BUT I feel sorry for Matt, 8 years together and suddenly they just split? That's not something you can just snap out of it. Hmm, I was really hoping that they'll have mini Matts even with Gaia's gene in the mix but still it will be nice to see Matt move on in his life.

I don't know how many times I've been trying to stick up for Muse with their soft-rock genre but I'm going to continue sticking up. WHY? Well simple, I'm tired of people saying Neutron Star is Bullshit, What happen to original Muse, Yada yada bla blaa blaaa and my toe is on fire. Why am I tired? Frankly, it's because of school and secondly I agree to what Matt's saying. Yes I know what's freedom of expression means but if you don't like it, fine. But I'm just saying my opinion.

Like Matt has said, it's like a gene pool, you get variations, keep things interesting. Maybe they're bored with their old ways (I do miss their old songs) and they want to evolve. And the song for Eclipse, yeah I'm kind of pissed that a bunch of 14 or 13 year old midgets think they're Muse's biggest fan just because they know all the songs in Twilight :O But the song isn't that bad, it's just the association with Twilight that makes it cringe worthy. I adore the piano in the chorus <3>

Maybe I'm consolling myself that Muse might not be the guitar throwing, crazy lunatic on stage ever again, but hmm they'll always be my favourite band.


A. K. said...

Muse is a cool band to listen to. They are not my favorite group but i love listening to them especially on a very shitty day.. Have a great week ahead

rory said...

Thank you A.K :)