Sunday, June 6, 2010

I Vant To Sukh Yo BLUDH!!!

It's not like I'm interested in Vampires like to the point that I believe in them and want to become one. And I don't even have an obsession with vamps :F It just so happen all the things I read and watch contains vamps :F Coincidence, no?

I just bought Darren Shan book 7 to 12 :B I KNW!! Argh can't wait! So Darren Shan is a vampire, well a half vampire. And in my other post I've already explain about Darren Shan.
So thanks to my good friend Sze Yan, I've been watching Vampire Diaries... Don't judge me! The first episode was exactly like Twilight, but things got interesting when Damon Salvotore came into the picture :) So who is Damon Salvatore, he is the bad ass vampire who's causing trouble to the hero of the series Stefan Salvatore*gasp*
The series ain't half bad, it gets better with each episode, more characters. The plot builds up and more problems of course. If you're planning to watch VD, I suggest to you don't stop at the first episode, and it is so much better than Twitard.

So what is it all about, well Stefan returns back to Mystic Fall and Damon tags along. Damon has this diabolical plan which would most likely would cause harm to innocent people. So Damon is this evil vampire dude, but as the series move on, slowly it unravels his motives. You can see where he's coming from. And yeah he's unbelievably hot.


Yes, I've watched all the episodes of season 1 and now, waiting for season 2.

Vampires are interesting, I mean, for one thing it's been there for like centuries, and humans are still intrigue by them. And with each book, there's a different perspective of vampire. In Darren Shan to become a vamp you have to cut your fingers and place it with the vampire's finger and let the blood come into ur system.
In Twilight, you have the vampire poison in your sistem. And in Vampire Diaries, you have to drink vampire's blood and die then feed. There's so many differences in characteristics of vampires with each book, but one thing's for sure, they are a load of charming bastards.

Vampires sells. So put you fang up, and let us go feed.



Juliett said...

I like Damon Salvatore...

rory said...

Me too :D He's so bad and so nice at the same time. Such a complex being.

Anne said...

DAMON :x (My dear julia, you shod try to watch the first season of V.D. after that you will understand why I like Damon, keep Edward Cullen) Ian Somerhadler looks good :&