Saturday, August 14, 2010

When you're feeling low, lower than the ground :(

Happy Ramadan People!!!! Eid is going to be around the corner or what the locals call it Raya! I know late wishing, but I haven't had any ideas on what to blog it's so frustrating :\

Wow it feels great to write again. My fingers are actually moving!:O

I've been feeling a bit down lately, but then again, I always blog when I'm feeling low. Because blogging makes me feel better.

What's bothering me? Well, duh SPM, but that's obvious. What's bothering me now is the thought about bands falling apart. Yeah pretty random right? But I don't know, I'm just sad that when good bands come to an end. Well I'm not going to name any bands, because it's a pretty general post.

So what brings me to this topic? I guess it's the friendship aspect of it. Mhmm, usually bands are formed from friendships. And I wonder about what happens to their friendship after they have a row, decides to break up. Or just calls it quits. Surely that's a part of you that felt betrayed by your friends. So does friendship truly survive through thick and thin? Then again the music business can be a cruel place to be. Having so many influences forced upon you. No wonder bands just give up.

In my opinion, I know I'm young and haven't had that many life experiences, but so far I've learnt that friendships can last. I think you have to be honest with each other, as honest as possible. To gain trust. Yes, trust is in important in any relationship. Love many, trust few.

Laugh together and you feel as though you don't need nothing else in this world.

Hmm, what if MUSE broke up? I think I would be devastated. I'm scared Chris might go off and do a solo album. Yes, the tall, quiet one! I know they're supportive of each other but I want MUSE! NOT SOLO ALBUMS. Oh there's no rumour that MUSE is breaking up, just saying all the what if's. Matt's dating Kate Hudson? seriously. SIGH. First, TWILIGHT SAGA. Second, selling their soul to USA. Third, Kate Hudson. Fourth, finding a place in L.A? :'( These things makes me love Matt less and less. But I'm merely a fan. This is my opinion. He is free to do whatever he wants. He's still a musical genius. Origin of Symmetry & Absolution are just PHWOAR.

I am fond of very few bands, it's very hard for me to like the band. I can like a song easily, but to become a fan is another story. And the bands I adore are as if they're going to break up forever in a matter of moments. I guess bands in general are unstable. I'll just have to reminisce their past albums and think of how good were they. That's horrible :( No more new materials!

And I don't know what to do when the last HP movie comes out :(
No more VOLDY :S sigh sigh sigh.

Why must all good things come to an end?


Anonymous said...

I totally dig this. And I totally understand how you feel about things. Well, sort of.

rory said...

Haha thnks :)

PennyLouiseGamble said...

u was soundin' a bit like Nelly Furtado at the end there gurl. Cheer up. Everything MUSE has dun so far is great and we'll have that 4eva. New stuff is a bonus.