Monday, January 24, 2011

No more can be said.

Hello cherries,

My emotions for today is between disappointment and sadness. If you are a E News follower and gossip reader, you know that Kate Hudson is preggers with a mini Matt. Though it is still a rumour. But I am treating it as if it was real so that I wouldn't be in denial if it was true.

Not only that my dearie, Muse are performing at the GRAMMYS. *applause* What an honour!! NOT. Grammys has loss their credibility and seriously have you seen the winners? Not that I'm saying all of them are horrible but most of them are. So yes MUSE what are you doing there? I know you want to rule the world but making pop records and selling your soul to America will just make you out as a total...fool.

I know a lot of Musers will bash me for rambling about this. But I always say this is my opinion. And I have been a faithful fan of Muse, and as a fan seeing them go through this, it's painful! I want people to recognise Muse as those rockers who made beautiful songs. Epicness shooting through the speakers. Not some Uprising Twilight Band.

They can dress as eccentric as they want but if their music is mundane than no amount of glitters can glorify it.

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A. K. said...

Even i feel that the Grammy has lost its sophistication.. Lets all keep our fingers crossed