Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Oh but why must I be obsessive.


So I'm taking A-levels right, right, right? One of the subjects I'm taking is English Literature :O Yes. Since I didn't have the opportunity to take it during SPM, I was determine to take it for A-levels even though people say it's so hard and it's not easy to get A. Well nothing is easy. You can see my stubbornness, my dad was a bit wary of me taking the subject but I really want to learn you know?

Enough about dilemma, for the first module we had to read Jane Eyre. My gosh, was it a bore! AT THE BEGINNING! Sorry for fans of the book but the first half of her life is a drab. Even though I hate romantic novels because of the cheesy lines and situations but when set in a Victorian Era it became quite a guilty pleasure :D I loved how Mr. Rochester courted Jane and how he went to great length just to make Jane confess her love. It was really cute. YES CUTE!

I went to youtube and searched videos of Jane Eyre. The newest movie is coming out in March in the US. I was hooked on the videos watching episodes and segments after segments. Even the ones way back from 1973! I was in a period drama phase.

After that, I recalled Pride & Prejudice. I remembered watching the movie and couldn't understand a thing. But I knew I didn't hate the movie. So yes, I watched the whole movie on youtube. HEHE. AND OH MY BLOODY GOSH, my heart was fluttering everytime I saw Mr. Darcy. And man, did he looked hot in his costumes, the coat is awh somezz~! I love his expressions and the way he talked. All I can say is Matthew MacFayden is an amazing actor. I think the movie has become one of my favourites. I couldn't stop staring at Mr. Darcy, now I know why women love Mr. Darcy. I want to watch it again :) But sadly I have no time.

I am definitely going to read the book and fall head over heels for the characters!

Credits to Pemberley-state-of-mind tumblr.

I really need a life man.


GilerSengal @ Ahmoisesat said...

hahaha. read the book, pride and prejudice i mean. mr. darcy is just so awesome! hahahahha....

rory said...

Yes dah habis. Ada exam kat college pon still determine to read the book XD I love the movie so passionate D: And his voice, is so swoon worthy

GilerSengal @ Ahmoisesat said...

i havent watch the movie lagii... huhu... im reading about him pon dah macam swoon over dia gila2 dah.. haha..