Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Foolish heart

It's hard being a complicated minded person. With all the mood swings, over-thinking, and hormones. Hormones  ugh, if I could stop you I would!

Anyways, so yes. What's bothering me? Nothing really. It's just that, it's really hard for me not to like a guy. It could be anyone really, usually guy friends are not in the list, most of the time. I usually like guys that I'm not acquainted with. It's really weird to like a guy that you're friends with o_O you know? 

I sound so depress, but I'm just really tired. You know what, I'm going to print a picture of all the guys I love and slip them in my file. That would really motivate me ;) Oh I love Andrew Garfield. Though before this I didn't because every single girl loved him too after The Social Network, so I kind of even dislike him :O for being adored by these people. 

But then, one fine glorious day I watched an interview with him and he sounded so mature and profound that I thought he's a pretentious guy. But then I found out that he was 27 years old :O That shone a new light on him. Before this I thought he's like a kid trying to add as though he's so wise and all but it turns out he's the real deal. I know age does not equal to being wiser but I just prefer people to act their age. So with that he is gorgeous to me now :) 

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A. K. said...

Rory good luck.. LOl... Yeah, lots of girls have crush on him..