Saturday, April 30, 2011

Put Your Hands All Over

Yesterday was Maroon 5's concert. I went with Alliya. We were at the upper tier, because I didn't want my dad to spend a lot, yeah so we bought the cheapest tickets :D

I would do a proper build up if I wasn't so lazy, so yeah let's go straight to the point. I LOVE MAROON 5. All of them were amazing. Especially Adam Levine! He sounded great live! And not to mention he was so hot! They sang 15 songs. The concert was short but, I guessed all the songs correctly. My favourite parts were hmm, oh gosh. There's so many! This Love, Stutter, Hands All Over, and yeah too many. I think I lost my voice. I practically screamed their whole entire set list!

They opened with Misery and ended with Sunday Morning. Sigh, it was good gig :)

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