Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Baby steps

It's almost 2 a.m. My sleeping time is way off. I sleep around 3 o'clock, wake up at 4? I blame the internet, well I know it's me but still I BLAME YOU, INTERNET. But yes. I'm just blabbing a post because I need to post something. I won't let you die bloggeh! I WON'T! So I thought, okay, post something. Get back to the rhythm then I would slowly get back to blogging. I miss you. You're like the boyfriend who's overseas and I haven't talked to him for like a year. My emotions all bundled up, and how my ears have not explored the music scene. I am becoming boring (not to blow my own trumpet that I was so fascinating before but I was a lot more fascinating than I am now). And dear blog, I am going away from my lovely home. I am to live in a hostel. With strangers. Sharing bathrooms. Having a roommate. Mind you I have never shared my bedroom, this could be fun? I'll tell you more in details about how I got MARA. I don't know who's going to read it but I shall post it and see whether it is useful for people or for people who wants to know. I shall sleep before 3 today! I WILL!

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